Sheet Membrane

Introducing Watts & Associates Roofing’s top-quality sheet membrane solution for waterproofing needs. Our sheet membrane waterproofing is highly versatile and proven effective in various applications such as foundations, retaining walls, split slabs, planters, air/vapor barriers, window and door flashing, blindside, underslab, and elevator pits. With our innovative technology and expertise, we provide reliable protection against water infiltration, ensuring a watertight and durable solution for your construction projects. Trust Watts & Associates Roofing for all your waterproofing needs.

Residential Sales
Alex Miller – moc.gnifoorsttaw@rellim.xela
Gary Taylor – moc.gnifoorsttaw@yrag

Residential Support & Accounting
Aimee Jeffcoat – moc.gnifoorsttaw@eemia

Sales/Estimating - Commercial
Scott Mathias – moc.gnifoorsttaw@ttocs

Repair & Maintenance/Safety
Michelle Chamberlain – moc.gnifoorsttaw@ellehcim

Kip McCoy - moc.gnifoorpretawsttaw@pik
Mike Mauldin  -  moc.gnifoorpretawsttaw@ekim

Accounting & Office Manager
Rhae Sutphin – moc.gnifoorsttaw@eahr

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