Repairs & Maintenance Service

Repairs & Maintenance Service

With experienced service and roofing crews, we can respond to your urgent service needs quickly and efficiently. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our Repair and Maintenance program.

What is Roofing Maintenance?
Roof maintenance is defined as the preventative of correct procedure designed to keep a roofing system in a watertight condition.

With that definition in hand let’s look at the real issue, it is monetary, A ROOF SYSTEM IS A BUILDING ASSET. Owners and property managers today recognize the significance of the investments they have made in protecting the building and its contents from water damage, in terms of both the roofs cost and it’s replacement value. Even with the purchase of a manufacturer’s and contractor’s warranty, the building owner continues to be responsible for proper roof care and maintenance. If this asset is not maintained, then the life expectancy of this investment is shortened.

Residential Sales
Alex Miller – moc.gnifoorsttaw@rellim.xela
Gary Taylor – moc.gnifoorsttaw@yrag

Residential Support & Accounting
Aimee Jeffcoat – moc.gnifoorsttaw@eemia

Sales/Estimating - Commercial
Estimates - moc.gnifoorsttaw@gnitamitse

Repair & Maintenance/Safety
Michelle Chamberlain – moc.gnifoorsttaw@ellehcim

Kip McCoy - moc.gnifoorpretawsttaw@pik
Mike Mauldin  -  moc.gnifoorpretawsttaw@ekim

Accounting & Office Manager
Rhae Sutphin – moc.gnifoorsttaw@eahr

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