Air and Vapor Barriers

Air and Vapor Barriers

Why air and Vapor Barriers?

Buildings are operated more cost efficiently by controlling air leakage in and out of a building, significantly reducing the cost of heating and cooling. In addition, air and vapor barriers help prevent pollutants from entering the building.

Energy Efficient Construction

Most notable is the advancement of Air and Vapor Barriers in building construction and renovations in the past 10 years. Air and Vapor Barriers are recognized in the building industry as an essential part of energy efficient construction and waterproofing, integral to the building envelope.

Our Qualifications

Watts Waterproofing has stayed ahead of technology in an ever changing construction market. Our management team has over 30 years of experience delivering safe, quality products to the marketplace. Our investment in the latest technologies, as well as industry awareness, have contributed to increased quality control standards, safety and efficiency in building construction and waterproofing.

Residential Sales
Alex Miller – moc.gnifoorsttaw@rellim.xela
Gary Taylor – moc.gnifoorsttaw@yrag

Residential Support & Accounting
Aimee Jeffcoat – moc.gnifoorsttaw@eemia

Sales/Estimating - Commercial
Scott Mathias – moc.gnifoorsttaw@ttocs

Repair & Maintenance/Safety
Michelle Chamberlain – moc.gnifoorsttaw@ellehcim

Kip McCoy - moc.gnifoorpretawsttaw@pik
Mike Mauldin  -  moc.gnifoorpretawsttaw@ekim

Accounting & Office Manager
Rhae Sutphin – moc.gnifoorsttaw@eahr

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